The Berkeley Vibe

As a wrap up of my time with the SMUD ACT Program, the final official day was spent on a trip to the the UC Berkeley campus to study the university’s efforts at improving energy efficiency. Indeed, UC Berkeley is a beautiful school that any student would be extremely lucky to be educated in. And of course, when going anywhere beyond a 1 hour drive, taking no pictures just doesn’t do it for me. Here’s a glimpse of everything currently in my VSCO photo library before they are sent off to the grids of Instagram sometime in the distant future. Continue reading


SMUD ACT Program Presents: Why Does Energy Efficiency Matter?

No, it’s not about the ever so teenage anxiety-inducing ACT test.


I’ve been on summer hiatus this week, from 8 to 3:30 everyday. Despite having a reputation and history of being a tree hugger, I first signed up for this program to have that extra line under “achievements” on the upcoming college applications, and considering that I get paid for $450 to be a tree hugger for 5 days, why not, right? Although my motivation for joining this program can be a little side-eyeing, I left it with a completely different outlook and set of knowledge.  Continue reading

Music Monday: RHODES

As you might already know, I have this intense favoritism towards Christopher Bailey and his brand Burberry. But in addition to design and overall British charisma, one of the biggest things that drew me to the brand is Bailey’s choice in music, especially for runways. Christopher Bailey’s Music Monday which he shares on the brand’s twitter link is something I look forward to every week. His Burberry Acoustic videos never fail to put a spotlight on emerging artists. And his selection for runway music, which often include sounds from now-famed artists like Tom Odell, George Ezra, and James Bay, during fashion shows highly adds on the attitude and confidence to the collection, and is often considered the highlight of the show for some. RHODES is one of the Burberry artists who never fails to put a deeper meaning to the brand. Continue reading

The Social Media Factor: Summer FOMO

Capitol Avenue presents: A social media summer whining fest about how much fun everyone else is having.


You know how sometimes, when you’re scrolling through Instagram on the weekends or during summer and this feeling of “oh my god what am I doing with my life” hits you really hard? There it is, on your screen, an acquaintance from work or school having the time of his/her life, and then suddenly you look at your yourself and all you see is an old tee and a pair of shorts on the same couch position you were 3 hours ago. Same. Continue reading