Quality and Quantity

Ever since I’ve started Capitol Avenue at the beginning of this summer, I’ve found my self struggling to write an article everyday ranting over anything and everything. I had thought that the more the better, right? Soon, I lost interest in what I am doing here and instead focused much more on hitting that daily mark. I didn’t care about what I was writing and the content I was pushing out to the world everyday. 

So, you could call this a reform of a sort. Or maybe an act of near summer end laziness. From this point forward I will be spending less time on here putting out pointless content and instead I will be focusing much more on the quality. I hope that those of you who have been following me on this journey will continue the support.

All the love.



How do you become one of the most hated person in America? Kill a beloved African lion, of course.

After killing a famed African lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe for $50,000, Walter Palmer, an American hunter slash dentist, went into hiding. In addition to being a local favorite, Cecil is tracked by Oxford University as a part of their study. Of course, due to the animal’s status and Palmer’s selfish behavior, Palmer received much backlash from animal lovers.

“I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt,” He said in an email.

But in the end, Mr. Palmer, killing a lion is not right no matter what kind of status the animal live under. You are becoming the epitome of the greed of mankind. Is it genuinely worth it to spend that much money only to commit such a crime against nature in the end? Are you really so desperate to feel manly that you need to harm others?

While I don’t entirely condemn hunting due to the fact that it helps balance out specie populations and hunting is considered tradition for some cultures, “hunting for fun” and “hunting for sport” will never be okay. The only thing it does is make you sound like a dinosaur from Jurassic World, and I mean that in the worst way possible.

While talking about the cruelty Cecil faced, I realized that people often shift the topic to the one of police cruelty or how much more suffering soldiers have to endure in the war zone. However, I hope people can realize that there is a time a place for these topics, and this is not one of them. Though police brutality is cruel and the soldiers out on foreign fields are extremely brave, it’s not fair for the animal that we try to shift a topic about a lion’s death to our own specie when they do not get enough attention as it is. We are not the only ones living on this planet. It is extremely selfish of us to not be aware of our mistakes and the pain we inflict upon other living things.

All the love.

Open Letter to the People at ‘Good Day Sacramento’

The one time my suburban town makes it to the mainstream news, it’s for something bad.

In case you haven’t noticed, Cara Delevingne had spent the past few weeks promoting her new film ‘Paper Towns’, whether you like it or not, you have to admit that the model slash designer slash actress works HARD. After a non-stop press tour and interviews after interviews, Delevingne sat down with early morning show ‘Good Day Sacramento’ in an interview to talk about her new movies. And honestly, if anything, this makes me ashamed to be a citizen of this city with these so call “journalists”.

The interview started off with Delevingne being called “Carla”, after that it just rolled downhill and slipped down a cliff. If “Carla” wasn’t bad enough, they continued to ask her if she actually read the book, commented on her lack of enthusiasm compared to her other interviews despite the fact that their show is on at the ass crack of dawn, and “you seem a bit irritated, perhaps it’s just us” was thrown in there somewhere as well. I have tried to click through different parts in an attempt to skip the rude awkward parts and try to find one where they didn’t completely missed her sense of humor, but THEY’RE ALL RUDE, IGNORANT, AND AWKWARD.

And to end this complete publicity hellhole, the plug was pulled on her video stream.


The second she was off air, “she was in a mood” was immediately thrown out, the “you make $5 million for 6 weeks of work, you can pretend to talk to ‘Good Day Sacramento’ with some ‘oomph'” comment along with others that can just gain them enough momentum to throw them off the air were not missed as well.

So, here’s what I have to say.

Dear the “journalists” at Good Day Sacramento,

No offense, but you are literally picking on a 22 year-old whom have done more and made more in the past four years of your life than you did in your entire career. Good job! You must feel totally hilarious being condescending assholes on air during a suburban morning show that probably no one will ever watch again. As a news anchor, it is your job to bring the truth and facts to people, not waste guests’ time and gang up on them attempting to lessen their worth. If this is your meaning of a publicity stunt, then cheap shot, pal. You are the epitome of what people mean when they say the media can make any good person look bad, so congratulations on that achievement.

You should probably take some time off to avoid the hate and reflect on your choices as a person, because everything in that video was not a good one. And honestly, did you expect her to act like she did a line of coke for your show? If anything, being as well trained socially and in performing arts as she is, she can do perfectly fine without you. And you have every right to be butt hurt over the fact that she makes more in six weeks than all of you do in your entire career, combined. Thank you for making a fool out of the entire city of Sacramento.

I hope you regret this, because let’s face it, as the star model of brands you buy from and lead characters of major upcoming movies, you’re not getting rid of her ANYTIME soon.

All the love.

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Cara Delevingne (featured image)

The “Basic White Girl” Situation

of the white people, by the white people, for the white people

During the colder seasons, you make trips to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Latte wearing a sweater by The North Face, Uggs, leggings. You have an unexplainable love for Mean Girls, Marilyn Monroe quotes (even if it might not be something she said), and minions, which you acquired during the free time spent on Pinterest. On a well-dressed day, people see you on the streets with a Michael Kors bag, a rose gold watch on your wrist, wearing Ray Bans, typing on your brand new iPhone already covered by a chevron case with your monogram on it. If you find any of this relatable, society probably consider you a “basic white girl”, and you can’t don’t even care. Continue reading