Recycling Just Got Easier and a Little More Fashionable

Behold, the one tree hugger thing the world actually needs.


You know that sequined top that you promised you were gonna wear for New Year’s but never did? That pair of bell-bottom jeans that gives you a headache just from thinking about it? Super eco-friendly cool girl fashion line, Reformation, launched their new RefRecycling program to solve all your drop crotch pants and fast fashion victim problems.

Every time you buy something from the brand, it will come with a free RefRecycling shipping label. Just by simply filling up and sending off the box with ANY shoes, handbags, linens, and clothing —exception: no winter coats or damaged items, you are contributing to the greater environmental goods. To track your contribution, which will be reused or recycled, RefRecycling also allow you to track where your things are sent to and see what a positive environmental difference you’ve made (amount of water saved, pounds recycled, and CO2 saved by the pound) via your Reformation online profile.

If you’re not sure about that beyond ugly sweater party sweater, or the cheetah print leggings, you can always post a pic on the good ol’ Instagram and tag #outfitofthepast #RefRecycling and @reformation, and some light judging slash constructive criticism will be done. And maybe just maybe you might win $500 to go on a Reformation shopping spree.

Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing per person, per year. If every American recycled one more T-shirt a year, we would save 210 billion gallons of water alone. Californians, you know you need this. At the end of the day, not only are you getting rid of closet clutter and that ugly shirt you will never wear, you are helping the earth too. With such a clear and distinctive goal to create a coexistence between fashion and sustainability alone, Reformation is worthy shop to check out. But as always, they go one step beyond and celebrate the feminine figure in their designs —they actually have a collection for the big boobs girls out there it’s quite amazing. Considering that the brand has such major support from a celebrity ‘It’ girl roster consisting of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Alexa Chung, and Karlie Kloss, we highly doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon, so we advise you to take a look at what the love is about.

All the love.

Photo credit

via Reformation (opening image)


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