The “Basic White Girl” Situation

of the white people, by the white people, for the white people

During the colder seasons, you make trips to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Latte wearing a sweater by The North Face, Uggs, leggings. You have an unexplainable love for Mean Girls, Marilyn Monroe quotes (even if it might not be something she said), and minions, which you acquired during the free time spent on Pinterest. On a well-dressed day, people see you on the streets with a Michael Kors bag, a rose gold watch on your wrist, wearing Ray Bans, typing on your brand new iPhone already covered by a chevron case with your monogram on it. If you find any of this relatable, society probably consider you a “basic white girl”, and you can’t don’t even care.

Image: via someecards

In this ~diverse~ world, you don’t even have to be white to be considered a basic white girl. But chances are, this category is mostly dominated by them, because let’s face it, other races just don’t get paid enough to have this kind of $5-for-a-daily-beverage lifestyle.

Even if you have never seen this specie in real life, chances are, you most likely heard about them from a “Which type of white girls are you?” Buzzfeed quiz or two. “Basic white girl” is basically an insult for a more upper-middle class group of teenage to new adult girls who follow/worship the same things other do, showing a lack of originality.

If lack of originality sounds familiar, that’s because it occurs in the older generation of basic white girls as well. Beyond the starbucks cups and Ugg boots, cultural appropriation is a big part of why everyone hates the unoriginality of white girls. It’s the headdresses. It’s the kimonos. It’s the aztec prints. It’s the overusing of slangs and dance moves until it hits the falling point. It’s almost everything sold at Urban Outfitters for three times the price.

Even in the phrase “basic white girl” itself, you’ve managed to turn it into “basic bitch” and use it to insult people you don’t like so you don’t insult yourself along the way.

We get it, you like to show off your upper-middle class suburbanism. But for god’s sake, find a culture of your own that doesn’t involve stealing the originality of others. Use the money from your six digit nine to five to help a cause once a while, instead of putting it into your Chanel products and a new Kate Spade bag.

At the end of the day, the materialistic things you buy yourself with that money can only be temporary and it will fade. Meanwhile spending your money to provide someone a college education, or on a campaign to stop animal abuse will help you lead a much bigger legacy on the world. Don’t be the Donald Trump presidential candidacy campaign. Don’t be the multi-million dollar Minions advertisement for yellow animated butt plugs that could’ve sent many individuals to college.

Be original, don’t follow others on how to spend your money.

All the love.


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