The Social Media Factor: Narcissism

Is it the selfie? Is it social media pushing us to talk about ourselves? Is it the shift from e- to i- when it comes to prefixes in internet gadgets?

Everywhere you turn, it seems like there’s always someone snapping pictures of themselves or updating their activities by the minutes to their followers. Have you puckered up for a duckface? Do you carry a selfie stick with you?

Though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your life and the way you look, is an excessive amount of love for yourself healthy? Probably not.

With more and more new social media apps climbing to the top, like Shots, users are pushed into this world where you are constantly have to share pictures and posts about you and your lifestyle. By sharing your views and life online, a user is subconsciously seeking approval from others. Soon, that love from other becomes an addiction to share your every moment them.

Through the modern age, this form of self-expression, is going beyond the privacy of friends and family to something far more broad, and even global. People are becoming more confident and beginning to build a franchise from sharing their lives on instagram and getting paid to share certain things.

However, like many things involved with social media, there’s always a downside. While the more attractive and likable people might have no trouble with accepting approval from others and falling into a state of narcissism, it might also lower the confidence of others. This complex will only create the “why can’t I be like him/her? Why can’t I have as many followers? Aren’t I good enough?” mindset. But in reality, it seems that the higher narcissism score someone has, the higher the follower count is.

So though it may look like you are falling far behind the high popularity bars of social media, you are only reaching the normal level narcissism. Congratulations on being normal!

All the love.


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