Fashion Royalty’s Crown Jewels

This year’s fall essential? A haute couture headpiece of course. At least, that’s probably the case for the one percent of the one percent.

Couture fashion week always has something to make the fashion world so much better, and many so much poorer. But for the people who are frequent haute couture customers, money is obviously no big subject matter.

This season, adding on to the ethereal look and the fur trend, the couture houses are sending out pretty things for your head too. And they’re giving you plenty of reasons to buy them this fall.

I mean, what better way to step up your sailor costume for Halloween than a hat from Jean Paul Gaultier (mind you he does have full sailor looks)? Going for a Roman warrior heroine look? Valentino got you covered. No one does the 20s socialite flapper embellished cap better than Ulyana Sergeenko. Atelier Versace Is updating your music festival flower crown look with something more luxe and high-fashion. And even if you just simply want to show everyone you own the universe (no biggie), Zuhair Murad’s star tiara is there for you.

Jean Paul Gaultier- Images: via 

Valentino- Images: via 

Ulyana Sergeenko- Images: via godsavekhighqualityfashion

Atelier Versace – Images: via 

Zuhair Murad- Images: via , fashionising

Elie Saab- Images: via 

Schiaparelli- Images: Gianni Pucci /

Even if you might go bankrupt from doing so, pretty headpieces are great for spicing up your hairstyle or make you fully become the fashion queen/goddess that you are.

All the love.


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