Take Your Grandpa’s Style

Imma take your grandpa style, Imma take your grandpa style, no for real, ask your grandpa/Can I have his hand-me-downs?

-Ben Haggerty

Strolling through the sidewalks of downtown, I often see young “hipsters” walking down the street dressed in vintage cardigans with leather satchels that look older than them, strutting in that certain way that seems as if the busy streets are their own runways. Are these fashion statements just a sudden unique choice or is the grandpa style actually back?

Ever since Macklemore made thrift shopping a lit bit cooler, no matter you admit or not, through that one song, teens and twentysomethings have been hitting every thrift shop in town hoping to score that perfect grandpa piece for that grandpa style.

Why is the grandpa style so popular? Aside from the nostalgic (is it nostalgia even if you didn’t live through the time?) and rustic look, the grandpa style is better for the wallet, and believe it or not, the environment.

Of course, not every grandpa sweater is $5 thrift store cheap, especially when you’re aspiring for that upper class grandpa in monsieur dior look, but for most parts, there’s a lot you could find at a charity shop. And unlike what most would think, they’re not poorly lighted hell holes with middle-aged moms fighting over mystery-stain filled tunics. In fact, some vintage stores are so carefully curated, the conditions are at its finest and some even include high fashion brands.

On top of being good for you financially, your grandpa style could be good for the earth too. Instead of purchasing the new clothing that is made through fast fashion trends that easily fades, needs to be imported to a greater distance, and takes up much more resources, when purchasing second-hand clothing, you are using something that have already been made and already benefitted another. What greater way to look stylish and be eco-friendly at the same time?

And chances are, if you’re shopping through a charity shop, you just might contribute to a good cause. Even if you’re not, and just going through a privately owned business, you just might help out a small business, and ta-da! Better for the economy too!

Long story short, please consider satisfying your grandpa style or any style through a visit to a local thrift shop. There are far too many pros to it!

All the love.


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