Wednesday Inspo: Be Shelf-ish

I have this intense obsession with being organized. Though judging from the giant mess of wrinkled t shirts on my bedroom floor, it might not seem so, but I am actually a neat freak. One of my favorite storages used for organization are shelves.

Shelves might seem like a overrated beaten down topic from every interior magazine ever, but I personally can not get enough. Even if you find yours(h)elf (I’m so sorry) living in a bedraggled mess or just too lazy to be neat and tidy, shelves are the perfect solution to that illusion of tidiness.

Whether you’re using them for books, clothes, or to display the cute flea market finds, shelves can actually be stylish pieces that changes the way a room look. With so many styles to choose from nowadays, from wooden rustic to minimalist modern or even hi-tech, shelves are a classic statement piece to the interior of a home.

Here are some inspo to get you shelving:

If these ideas are not your ideal cup of tea, or find yourself yawning over them, here are some shelving ideas that take a little more effort than a summer day DIY or look like they belong in the mansion of, um, Chanel head Karl Lagerfeld.

Long story short, whether you’re a crazy neat freak or a self-proclaimed slob, shelves are the perfect way to spice up your home and make it look like it belongs in an interior magazine editorial.

All the love.


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