Alexander Wang – Twentysomething Supreme

For quite some time now, Alexander Wang can be described as the go-to designer for street style cool-girls, models for the MOD (no not that mod, models-off-duty, of course) look, and everyone else in between. With a strong ability to incorporate technology and mixing the old with the new, Wang has what it takes to be the creative director of Balenciaga, his self-titled runway brand, and the more affordable branch, T by Alexander Wang.

Selfmade: Wang dropped out of Parsons School of Design in 2004 to start his own unisex knitwear based label. Photo: Sebastian Kim

Wang’s certain sporty, minimalistic, and yet edgy quality has followers waiting at the crack of dawn for a sample sale or just to get a piece of his iconic collaboration with H&M (sold out in the blink of an eye). Starting out with a small label at just 19, Wang gained prominence through the clean silhouettes and sense of quality in his design. Not only that, his pieces often captured a cool, casual, and playful energy. The black and white colors along with the leather texture immediately gives off a subtle party-girl vibe for anyone who wears it. With a sharp eye for clean aesthetic and the ability to redefine sportswear, Wang is reinventing the casual wear pieces from the thin white t shirt to the cashmere sweaters. Through his innovative skills, Wang ultimately created the perfect cross of runway and street in his brand. This is a large contributing factor to the large presence of fashion models in his following and friend circle, who are often photographed after fashion week shows clad in a stylish black and white model-off-duty look, leather jacket, plain t shirts, heeled ankle boots, Rocco bag, all by Wang, of course.

It’s no mystery that Alexander Wang is no longer just a brand, but a lifestyle. He provides the look for the twentysomethings attending art school or spend Thursday nights at concerts, bags for the fashion girls who is always on the go, and leather lighter cases with black whiskey glass sets for all the other essentials needed to survive the high city life. Alexander Wang is everything old houses like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, are not, and that’s what appeals Wang’s major audience, it is everything their parents don’t get.

With a distinctive cool, sporty, and laid-back style, Alexander captured the fashion-loving hearts of many from models, streetstyle stars, to Hollywood A-listers. Photos: Adam Katz Sinding

As always, design alone isn’t ever enough to get a brand off it’s feet. Wang got the celebrity factor behind him as well. Casually, Anna Wintour was an early supporter of Wang, and after winning the Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2008, Diane von Furstenberg became his mentor. Beyond the fashion crowd, Wang is the heart of every cool-girl’s closet from Zoë Kravitz to Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj.

In addition to the distinctive design and celebrity fan base, Wang incorporate plenty of technology into the brand to create something refreshing each season. For example, during his aw14 collection, he presented thermo-reactive color-changing garments in his runway show at New York Fashion Week. He also took his minimalistic and clean aesthetics to his collaboration with Beats to create something black and gold with his signature stingray zip case and taking wearable tech to a whole new level. Being based around the social media generation, Wang first announced his collaboration with H&M through Instagram and Coachella, which targets the majority of his young customers.

With that said, Alexander Wang is not only a sensation but a influential force taking the industry and fashion crowd by storm. With such a clear, solid, clean, and laidback aesthetic, this force is only going to get stronger. Wang is something not hard to love, but hard to top.

All the love.


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