Music Monday: Halsey

Underground is the new mainstream, haven’t you heard from Soundcloud?

Halsey is the new up-and-coming artist of the famous-for-being-not-underground genre that has widely circulated around the internet recently. I discovered her about three weeks back during my habitual weekly Soundcloud browse and it’s no surprise why her fans are OBSESSED.

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, also known as Halsey, an anagram of first name, can only be described as captivating and colorful. With a head of bright mermaid-like blue-green hair and enchanting voice, Halsey is hitting everyone’s list of girl crushes, turning the heads of alternative pop fans, and basically everyone else. Her refreshingly chilled-out music style can be viewed as a mix of Lorde, Lana del Rey, Ellie Goulding, and a certain je ne sais quoi that is exclusive to her. Halsey is the quintessence of the ethereal, vibey, electric, indie girl.

Photo: Colleen Callahan, One Nation

Her music is the perfect combination of emotional and dynamic. She’s the type you’d want to sit out with on a roof somewhere to talk about the galaxy during late summer nights or run away with on a midnight train (going anywhere). Her chill soothing and yet upbeat music is perfect for the insomniacs contemplating that black coffee at 3 AM.

Although her debut album, BADLANDS, isn’t out until August, alternative pop’s new girl already shown great potential through her last EP, Room 93.  Her hit songs in Room 93, like Empty Gold, Ghost, Trouble, resonated across the genre with a raw, unique, and mind-lingering sounds.

With such talent and energy on stage and off, a large crowd of anticipating fans beyond her homebase in New York and New Jersey calling her “queen” and “mom” (it’s a weird internet slang thing, we don’t like to question it, ask Urban Dictionary instead), and plenty of great messages about body image and equality to pass around, you should probably hop on the cool girl bandwagon, because Halsey is ensured a straight beeline to success.

Look out world, the next big thing is here.

Similar to: Lorde, Hayley Kiyoko, Bad Suns

All the love.

Photo credit:

The Girls At The Rock Show (Featured image)


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