Here We Go Again…

You probably will be please know that I’m writing this on a saturday evening with no social life, a can of whip cream in front of me, and the distant dialogues of Orange Is the New Black playing in the background on my laptop with the Netflix tab open.

So… blogosphere, we meet again. Back into the tunnel of cliché introduction posts, and rapid pressing down on keyboards saying what I want to do in life. A situation that I’ve become oh so familiar with since years ago and many abandoned writings after that. What’s so different this time?

Let me tell you a secret. It’s not.

I’m still May. I’m here to rant my ass off about everything from the color black to the gum wrapper I found on the streets today into the nothingness that is the internet hoping that this time this whole blogging situation won’t implode before I expect it to. You’re welcome.

Not really any famous blogger wannabe, just May.

So please, don’t implode.

All the love.


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